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Cladding Systems



A unique method of cladding or over cladding all types of buildings by providing a cold, ventilated façade which protects the external fabric of the building against the elements. An extensive range of rainscreen materials are available including: aluminium, stainless steel, granite, copper, ceramic, terracotta, zinc, cedar and glass.

The rainscreen panels are normally secret fixed to a lightweight support structure which is secured to the building’s wall to create a cavity between it and the façade – insulation is applied to the external wall or within a tray/stud system. Rainscreen systems offer stunning solutions for the external cladding of buildings and are suitable for new build or refurbishment. They offer excellent whole-life costings due to speed of installation and low maintenance requirements.



Composite panels offer the ideal solution for cladding a building where value and speed of installation are paramount to the solution. Composite panels are available in aluminium or steel and in a range of sizes, colours, coatings and finishes. 

A choice of insultants to meet required thermal insulation values, flatness and performance are also available. Delivering excellent whole lift costings, composite panels have factory sealed weather tested tongue and groove side lap joints for maximum watertightness. Integrated windows, doors and louvres are available for this versatile cladding system.

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