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Keyclad Chatham Maritime Dickens World 2006
  • Dicken's World ChathamConstruction of Charles Dickens World and Cinema including areas for shops and restaurants
  • Monitored and inspected all work from start to completion
  • Accountable for all activities of all subcontractors
  • Strong communication with main contractor to ensure smooth running of project
  • Interpretation of complicated interfaces between different construction materials to satisfy the design specifications
  • Construction material keybemo aluminium sheeting composite cladding aluminium profiled sheeting single ply hot welded gutters

Main Contractor: Maclaren
Client: Chatham Maritime J4 Construction Ltd
Architect: Kemp Muir Weallens
Structural Engineer: Michael Bradbrook Consulting
Technical details: McLaren Construction has recently completed a distinctive 150,000 sq ft leisure complex at The Old Historic Docks, Chatham, Kent for Chatham Maritime J4 Construction. The exciting £13.0m project was delivered in 44 weeks and comprised of a 70,000 sq ft 3 storey main building that housed the Dickens World experience which featured a Dickensian Shopping Mall together with a multitude of attractions and rides, including a mix of themed restaurants and bars.
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