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Metal Roofing


Combining high performance and versatility with speed of installation and excellent whole life costings. Flexible and lightweight, performance is enhanced by advanced fixing methods utilising non-penetrative clip systems with no end laps which ensures total weather protection.

Roof sheets can be roll-formed to lengths in excess of 120 metres and can be curved, tapered or formed in a combination of both for many applications. A wide range of thicknesses, profiles, colours, coatings and finishes are available. Metal standing seam roofs require minimal maintenance, are fully sustainable and can be recycled at the end of the building’s life.



Ideally suited for industrial and commercial projects where long panel lengths ensure fast and economical installation. Available in flat, micro-ribbed and profiled panels in a wide range of coatings, finishes and insulation core thicknesses.

Composite panels are durable and have a good performance record. Continuous manufacture ensures continuity of quality, structural integrity and uninterrupted insulation coverage which eliminates cold bridging.


Single Ply


The use of single ply roofing membranes brings a wealth of benefits to the specifier and the client, with specifications written and calculations undertaken by the manufacturer for wind uplift, drainage and thermal performance, the specifier can be rest assured that proposals represent the intent.

The flexibility of single ply enables greater design freedom; this lightweight durable waterproofing membrane can be used to achieve complex roof shapes and difficult detailing onsite using skilled installers. Safe, flame free installation, using hot air welding techniques, cold applied adhesives and/or fasteners provides a health and safety benefit. Thermally broken fasteners and system compatible insulation help buildings to meet and even exceed their Part L requirements.


Single ply membranes are available in either pvc or flexible polyolefine (FPO) and can be either mechanically fixed or adhered depending on the requirements of the project, for example speed of installation or aesthetics.

To assist the designer in the creation of dramatic roof designs, or to imitate the appearance of traditional/high performing standing seam metal roofing systems with reduced costs and easier installation techniques, decorative profiles are available that can be hot air welded to the membrane to replicate the appearance of standing seam and batten profiles, the latter simulating the appearance of lead.

Single ply roofing membranes are strong and durable, offering flexibility in design, exceptional performance, backed up by manufacturers warranties and are suitable for use in both new build and refurbishment projects.

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